Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Harry S Truman in Madison - May 14, 1950

Today's paper gives a good story of the last visit to Madison made by a sitting president, Harry S Truman in 1950.

Here are two photos of the event given to us by Winnie Lottes Lacy. These were taken on Blount St at the C&NW tracks. Truman did not acutally get off the train here. Instead, he disembarked at Commercial Avenue near the roundhouse. He then went to the Field House to give a speech, and Grace Church for Sunday services. He then went to the dedication of the new CUNA office (the Filene House) at Sherman Av, just across the Yahara River. According to Winnie, these photos were taken as the motorcade was on its way to CUNA. Unfortunately, you can't actually see Harry truman in either one, but that sure looks like the back of his head.