Saturday, October 31, 2009

Photos of the Marks Grocery, aka Lazy Jane's

Charles H. Marks Grovery Store - 1332 Williamson (now Lazy Jane's Cafe - 1358 Williamson) about 1899. Left to right - Cora Marks (1886-1977), Caroline Diehl Marks (1859-1949), Charles H. Marks (1852-1940), Alfred E. Marks (blurred) (1895-1987) Courtesy of Joan Marks Moebius.

Interior of Charles H. Marks Grovecy Store, 1332 Williamson (now 1358 Williamson), about 1897. Left to Right - unknown clerk, Carl Marks (1877-1958), Charles H. Marks (1852-1940), Cora Marks ((1886-1977) Courtesy of Joan Marks Moebius.

You've eaten the eggs and scones, but did you ever realize that Lazy Jane's like most other commercial buildings on Willy St, got it's start as a grocery store?

Charles H. Marks, and his father, Carl Marks, developed many of the smaller, older structures on the 1300 blocks of Williamson and E. Wilson Streets. But Charles' primary occupation became the running of the family grocery business, begun in 1883 at 1332 Williamson (later renumbered to 1358). At this time, the 1300 block was still the edge of town, and the Marks probably did a good business being one of the first stores for farmers on their way into town.

Initially, the family lived above the store, but they later moved to one of the neighboring houses they had built at 1340 Williamson (now 1370 Williamson - The Green Parasol). There was also a smaller house built in between these, in what is now the parking lot, that the family rented out.

The Marks family later moved to 2306 Center Av, but continued to run the store. Charles Marks died in 1940, and his wife Caroline in 1949. They left several children whose descendants live on today.

The Marks family left a lasting legacy of buildings on this block. But more on that later.

Thanks to Joan Marks Moebius for the great images!